The Embassy of Colombia in Beijing invites you to an online conversation on biodiversity, ecotourism and conservation


In 2020, Colombia hosted World Environment Day on June 5th. To further commemorate this event and Colombia’s commitment to biodiversity, the Embassy of Colombia in Beijing, in collaboration with the Embassy in Australia, brings this celebration to China with an online conversation on the documentary “The Birders: a melodic journey through northern Colombia”.

Join us in a conversation with Diego Calderón Franco (@diegocolbirding), one of the most renowned birders in Latin America and protagonist of this ‘feathered’ adventure; speaker Natalia Ocampo-Peñuela, Ph.D., researcher from the Humboldt Institute; and special guest Claudia Munera Roldan, Australian National University Ph.D. Scholar.

Let this be an opportunity to discover the exuberance of Colombian biodiversity (spoiler alert: Colombia is the country with the most bird species on the planet!). In this panel, you will learn more about the young and dynamic birding community in Colombia, who is discovering several new species year after year. The experts will also address the challenges and goals of protecting biodiversity, the birds’ essential role in nature and how birding is an empowering tool for sustainable development in rural communities.

Please register to this online event through this link that the event will be held on the Microsoft Teams platform on June 29th at 9am (China time).
Prepare yourself to bird from home! No binoculars required!!2~5!2~5~5~5!2~5~5!2~5!2~5!2~5~5!2~A

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